Fidocar was founded on April 26, 1963 by Mr Leon Lempert, primarily as a car garage, gas station, laundry and batteries and tires shop. On June 16, 1982, Fidocar became an official General Motors dealership.

In 1986 Fiancar was founded to market Fiat products. Three years later, in 1989, Fidocar and Fiancar split in two different companies. Just a year later, in 1990, Francar was founded to market Citroën products, maintaining that line of business until 1992.

October 22, 1992 marks an important milestone in its history, since Fidocar became Uruguay's official Hyundai distributor, representing the brand until the present day (leaving Citroën and General Motors behind).

In 2012 the fleet of vehicles and light trucks offered by Fidocar is joined by Hyundai's line of heavy trucks.


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With Hyundai we’ve achieved an ample distribution and great brand positioning, with an 85% of reselling. In addition to a vast network of salesmen, we offer an excelent post-sale service and official workshops.

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